Managing your VAT

The VAT services we offer businesses include:

  • VAT planning
  • VAT registration
  • Completing and submitting VAT returns
  • VAT dispute representation

Making best use of VAT regulations to benefit your business cash flow and profitability

VAT planning

We advise clients on beneficial interpretation of VAT regulations, and provide help to take advantage of the best VAT schemes available, to achieve their business objectives.

VAT registration

We help businesses with VAT registration by:

  • Advising whether VAT registration will benefit the business
  • Completing VAT registration forms and formalities
  • Advising clients, and where necessary notifying HMRC, about VAT schemes selected to achieve business objectives

VAT returns

We work with businesses in 3 different ways to complete their VAT requirements:

  • Complete all VAT book keeping and VAT returns directly from our client’s business premises
  • Receive book keeping records and complete VAT returns on behalf of our client off-site
  • Provide training and support to client staff on completing VAT returns themselves

VAT dispute representation

Compliance with VAT regulations is complicated and investigations by the VATman can be lengthy and intense.

Fraser Beecham are highly experienced at successfully negotiating in VAT disputes on behalf of clients.

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