Help with Inheritance Tax

Putting off Inheritance Tax planning may feel easier, but if left too late, HMRC could take a sizeable proportion of your estate after you die.

To prevent this happening, we work with clients now to minimise their future inheritance tax liability, by reviewing their estate, including personal and business assets.

Protecting your family and estate

We have helped clients to look after their families in the future, by improving their Inheritance Tax planning, and looking at areas with them, including:

  • Trusts
  • Gifts and exemptions
  • Life time gifts
  • Annual gifts
  • Gifts to charity
  • Property reliefs

Good estate planning is about what happens before you die

Why you shouldn’t leave it too late

Careful and effective inheritance planning can require arrangements to be put in place up to 7 years before your death.

Acting early is the best way of making sure your family receive the greatest benefit from your estate.

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