Surviving an HMRC Tax Investigation

You may come under investigation by HMRC through no fault of your own, or your accountant. As well as conducting specific investigations, HMRC now also investigate businesses at random.

Representing you in an HMRC Tax Investigation

A full HMRC investigation is an unpleasant and stressful experience. We help many clients by expertly representing them and defending their case during an HMRC investigation.

Understanding the Penalties

Did you know HMRC can impose various penalties for undeclared income:

  • You will have to pay any tax owed
  • HMRC may seek further penalties up to the amount of tax owed, effectively doubling your tax bill
  • You have to pay interest on late payments

Anti-investigations Checks

We make every effort to minimise attracting the attention of HMRC.

All our clients’ tax and accounting submissions are checked for known ‘triggers’ before we send them, which significantly reduces the likelihood of receiving an unwanted investigation.

Providing expert defence for clients facing an investigation by HMRC, and protection against extra fees for representation

Tax Investigation Fee Protection

Even though you can’t prevent an HMRC investigation, you can make sure you have the best support available without having to worry about the cost.

If HMRC find no tax is owed, you will still have to pay accountants fees if you need expert representation, which could amount to thousands of pounds if the investigation is lengthy.

We offer our clients access to Abbey Tax* Fee Protection policies to customers looking for sensible ways to manage unexpected fees.

Fee protection, which must be purchased BEFORE an investigation begins, is available for:

  • Self-assessment enquiries
  • VAT enquiries
  • PAYE & benefits enquiries
  • IR35 enquiries

Contact us for a quotation or to arrange your protection.

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*Abbey Tax are recognised UK industry experts in Tax and Tax Protection.

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